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Dr. Jerry Beasley’s video training program on Jeet Kune Do is the best in the business. They’re the only tapes I endorse.” Joe Lewis

Welcome to our “Free On-Line Training” program. Recently I came across the original, unedited video footage I participated in at the old Panther Productions studio in San Clemente, CA back in 1997. This program features the original training skills and drills that Joe Lewis  personally taught me between 1982 and 1997. These insights come not from seminar participation but from personalized one-on-one training.  Joe himself had been personally coached by Bruce Lee between 1967-1969. Bruce measured Joe’s success not in terms of hours logged on a note  pad

but in terms of victories won on a tournament floor. Joe Lewis was at the top of his game during these years. It is my desire to share this information with you, free of charge. I want to honor the legacy of my master instructor, no more, no less.

JKD Video Series

JKD Video Series

 Those of you that have followed my career know that I coined the term “Original” JKD back in 1986 after studying the New Coke versus Coke Classic marketing plan (1985-86). I then lectured and wrote about the OJKD for the next decade or more. In 1993 I enlisted Ted Wong and Howard Williams to headline the first ever OJKD camp at Radford University. That camp “RUJKD93” provided the inspiration for the name of this website. In 1994 I was able to reunite Ted Wong and Joe Lewis. The duo had trained together at Bruce Lee’s house back in the sixties. Sharing the teaching floor with these two icons provided insights that resulted in numerous books and articles.

It seems that every original student of Bruce Lee notes that Bruce would teach different things to different people. This may have been the result of students attending different classes or the fact that Bruce was continually updating. Bruce would absorb what was useful and discard what he didn’t need. The classical methods developed as a master would discover a technique that was functional. The master would then ‘dissect’ that skill until it became, not a alive pattern but a crystalized showpiece. Before long the master would have a series of techniques that had one worked and were now deemed necessary to learning the master’s style. Styles became not alive and changing but limited not unlike a collection in a museum.

Bruce Lee likened  a technique to a boat. The purpose of the boat was to get to the other side of the river. Once used the boat was to be discarded. The purpose of a technique is to hit the target. Once use the technique too could be discarded until again needed. The classical master entombed his ‘once active’ skills into neatly designed katas. Bruce Lee reasoned that the purpose of the technique was to hit the target, no more, no less. JKD does not teach techniques. JKD teaches us how to use our techniques. This was the lesson taught to Joe Lewis by Bruce Lee and it is the lesson that Joe Lewis taught me. If a technique doesn’t work don’t necessarily change the technique but change your presentation, angel of attack or offensive approach.

In this series I will teach you the fundamental skills and drills that will start or assist you on your path to JKD. There are many approaches to learning JKD. There are no instructional or testing fees. Bruce Lee never charged Joe Lewis. And, Joe Lewis never charged Jerry Beasley. We want to continue the legacy from Bruce Lee to Joe Lewis to Dr. Beasley to you just as it was handed to us. Train hard. Membership is an honor, not an expense!



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