About the author and site director

About the author and site director: In 1980 Dr. Jerry Beasley earned the doctorate in Education from VA Tech and is currently a professor of Health and Human Performance at Radford University. Beasley started martial arts training in 1966. At the time Joe Lewis was the undisputed heavyweight champion and the hero to every prospective karate kid. He was also a fan of Bruce Lee. Over the years Dr. Beasley has published over seventy articles and six books that focus on the teachings of Bruce Lee, Joe Lewis or both. As a writer he coined the popular term “Original” Jeet Kune Do after researching the “New Coke versus Coke Classic” marketing plan of 1986. In 1993-97 he introduced the first ever “Original” JKD summer camps with partners Ted Wong and Joe Lewis.  In 1995 he became the first person ever to earn the 8th degree Black Belt from his longtime instructor Joe Lewis. In 1998 Dr. Beasley was the featured artist in a best-selling video series produce by Panther/Century called Jeet Kune Do: Scientific Street Fighting. And in 2000 he was inducted into the prestigious Black Belt Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year. Ceo@aikia.net